The focus of our work

Since founding this firm in 2014, we’ve seen an evolution in the business world.  More people and businesses now see purpose and values as fundamental.

Values-driven organisations come in many different shapes and sizes. It may be a business with environmental causes at its core, an organic producer or retailer, an education provider, social housing or a charity. It may also be a larger commercial organisation steered by a set of core values.

We believe that the evolution in the world of work requires an evolution in employment law support.  Our focus is to specifically work with purpose and values-driven employers, based on our belief that organisations thrive by reflecting their purpose and values in everything they do.

We work with a diverse range of organisations, helping them with the full spectrum of employment issues. But being purpose and values driven is our clients’ common thread. Many of our clients are also open to embracing less traditional ways of running their organisations and managing challenges. Amongst our clients we see, for example, non-hierarchical team structures, use of Restorative Practice to resolve and prevent unhelpful workplace conflict, employee ownership and a more conscious, more creative and more human approach to contracts and employee engagement.

"...swift, accurate and commercially savvy advice, reinforced by a deep understanding of our business and culture"

Michael Rabone, Head of HR, The Rick Stein Group  (

How can we help you?

Being purpose and values-driven may be intrinsic to your culture and even the brand or reputation of your business. Or it may be a journey that you’re just beginning. But it doesn’t have to mean avoiding any commercial risks, or avoiding decisions that some people won’t like.

  • We’ll support you to carefully balance the complex mix of factors involved, to get to the right outcome. We’ll distil these factors into three elements.
  • We work with values-driven employers in numerous ways – for example, to solve specific employment challenges, to make (and communicate) difficult people related decisions, to pro-actively improve people related documentation, practices and processes and to resolve legal disputes.
  • We help employers to approach employment law issues in a way which meets the needs of the business, but also acknowledges the driving purpose, values and culture of the business and the human sensitivities involved.
  • We believe that this more holistic approach delivers a much better outcome for everyone involved. This includes reducing legal risk and the associated cost and impact of that for the employer.

For a flavour of our advice, view this two minute clip. (Recorded when we founded this firm, but the principles remain true today).


As well as formally acting for clients, we also love to encourage collaboration between like-minded organisations, HR professionals and business leaders. Whether collaboration comes through arranging employer forums or introducing clients who could learn from each other, we thrive on the shared learning, challenge and inspiration that comes from this.  From feedback, we know that our clients find it invaluable too. 

Flexible fee packages

How we charge for our work is underpinned by fairness and building trust with our clients.

We’re flexible in how we charge and will package our fees in a way which suits you. There’s a whole range of options we can explore with you (such as hourly rate “pay as you go”, fixed fees for certain projects, annual retainers and pre-paid discounted hours). We also offer reduced rates for charities and not-for-profit organisations. For our headline hourly rates please see our charging arrangements.

Why are we a regulated law firm?

  • We believe it’s in your best interests that we are a regulated law firm.
  • We gave this a lot of thought when setting up this business. There are an increasing number of non-regulated employment advisors (who can operate in a less restricted way and with reduced cost). We believe that, when it really matters to you, you should have the reassurance of us being professionally regulated, so you can wholly trust our professional standards.
  • It also means that our instructions and advice are truly confidential and will remain so in any later proceedings (which may not be the case with non-regulated advisors).