Our work

We work with a wide range of employers, particularly those looking for commercial employment strategies which reflect the values and culture of their business.  Click to see our particular commercial focus on values-driven organisations including the education sector

You can also view our areas of expertise.  Or for just a flavour of what we do, read on...

If you are trying to manage tricky employment issues we can help. These issues might be potentially costly to the business, risk draining management time or possibly damage the business’ reputation.

There is rarely a “one size fits all” solution to employment challenges.  We help clients find the most effective solution for them by taking a holistic approach to employment law.  This considers not only the law, but also the multitude of “real life” factors - the culture and values of the business, its commercial objectives and the personalities involved. 

If you are an employee needing support, we can also help.  For example, when negotiating exit strategies and settlement agreements, our expertise, experience and negotiation skills will help you achieve the right outcome.

"...swift, accurate and commercially savvy advice, reinforced by a deep understanding of our business and culture"

Michael Rabone, Head of HR, The Rick Stein Group  (rickstein.com)


We don’t give textbook answers on employment law – our clients receive clear advice that demonstrates a deep insight into their business and its objectives. By asking the right questions and communicating openly, we will help you find the clarity you need.

We’re also not tied to a traditional office (or to traditional office hours) and our range of technology means that you can communicate with us how and when you want (and expect a speedy response!).

For a flavour of our advice, view this two minute clip.

Flexible fee packages

We will package our fees in a way which suits you. There’s a whole range of options we can explore with you (such as hourly rate “pay as you go”, fixed fees, annual retainers, pre-paid discounted hours). Whichever approach you prefer, our fee arrangements will be fair and transparent.

Why are we a regulated law firm?

We believe it is in your best interests that we are a regulated law firm.

We gave this a lot of thought when setting up this business. There are an increasing number of non-regulated employment advisors (who can operate in a less restricted way). We believe that, when it really matters to you, you should have the reassurance of our professional standards.

It also means that our instructions and advice are truly confidential and will remain so in any later proceedings (which may not be the case with non-regulated advisors).