Policy statement on avoiding discrimination and achieving diversity

We are committed to avoiding discrimination in our dealings with clients, employees and all other third parties who have dealings with the firm and to promoting diversity in our professional activities.

This applies to all professional dealings by our personnel with clients, other solicitors, barristers and third parties:

  • accepting instructions from clients
  • using experts and counsel
  • the provision of services to clients
  • dealings with those representing others
  • interaction with everyone involved in or incidental to the provision of services by the firm

This Policy statement also extends to the recruitment, training and promotion of people within the practice. All personnel must comply not only with the professional requirements of the Solicitors Regulation Authority, but also with the law.

Everyone at the firm is expected and required to treat all others equally and with the same attention, courtesy and respect.

If you are a client, prospective client, counsel, expert or supplier and you are concerned that we are failing to comply with this commitment, you should let us know by contacting any partner directly, or alternatively use the firm’s Complaints Procedure.

We will require those who supply services to us, and any other independent experts consultants or agents who we may work with from time to time, to demonstrate their commitment to equality and diversity in their own businesses and workplace, and to comply with this policy when working with us on any project.

A copy of our detailed Policy on avoiding discrimination and achieving diversity can be viewed on request. We will monitor this policy periodically to judge its effectiveness.

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