Appraisals – an outdated institution?

What is the development?

Following the theme of our March post on ‘Doing things differently in HR – is there another way?’,  we’ve recently collaborated with our friends at The House  on a series of articles for HR Zone.

The first of these has been written by us on the subject of ‘Appraisals – are they really an outdated institution?’  It’s just been published today on HR Zone, which you can read here.

We pose a series of five questions, to challenge current approaches to appraisals, including encouraging you to ask what the overall purpose is and whether your appraisal system reflects the values and culture of your organisation.

This reflects the growing appetite in business to take a fresh look at established processes, including HR, and ask if it really works.

What does this mean in practice for employers?

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to appraisals. What works for one organisation may not work for yours. However, if you really want what you’re doing to be meaningful to both your business and its employees, it is worth just taking a step back from your current approach and asking these five questions, starting with ‘What’s the overall purpose?’

Our comment

Whatever approach you take to appraisals, do keep some form of record of what is discussed. This can be light touch, for example, just an informal follow up email to the employee. If you ever do need to refer back to it, then at least you have some record and are not just relying on fading recollections.