Education organisations face particular challenges when managing employee issues.

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Ann Helsby, Director, Bridge HR Services Ltd

The challenges of HR in education

The commercial, legal, practical and ethical considerations can be wide ranging and conflicting.

Employees in education are generally highly committed on a personal level. They are often passionate about education and how it should be provided. Managing these employees brings particular challenges when their views don’t necessarily reflect the leadership’s strategy.

The Principal or Head may also not have complete control to offer education as they believe best. There may be enhanced equality duties to consider, new political objectives to meet, or simply financial pressures limiting the service delivery.

There is also the governing body to consider with the potential for a different set of personal objectives and priorities at this level, plus the implications of the organisation’s own governance procedures.

Within the Further Education sector there are particular challenges that we are familiar with.

How can we help?

We have been working with education providers for over 20 years. Emma has been clerk to her local further education college and both Emma and Stephanie have experience as school governors. This has given an invaluable insight into education management and the crucial importance of the relationships between governors, senior management and the HR team.

We help education providers take a commercial approach to their employment issues, but in a way which also bears in mind the personalities involved, the organisation’s reputation and the values of education.

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