Specific employee/day-to-day workplace challenges

  • Identify the issues and what needs to be achieved. Clarifying the legal issues involved and any potential risk.
  • Once the legal issues are clarified, advice on planning a strategy to meet your particular objective.
  • Guidance on managing issues in accordance with business objectives and ethos: meetings, drafting letters/emails and ongoing support to address matters as they arise.

Contracts and staff handbooks

  • Analysis of the issues and objectives to be achieved.
  • Advice on key documents required and guidance on effective implementation.
  • Creation of new documents or review/revision of existing, tailored to your business.

Employment tribunal litigation

  • Identify the issues, objectives and areas of exposure (financial, employee relations or reputational).
  • Once risk and exposure assessed, agree strategy for defending claim. Consider whether settlement discussions appropriate – if so, agree strategy for best outcome.
  • Manage and conduct employment tribunal litigation on your behalf or provide advice and guidance as you manage the process yourself.

TUPE issues (sale and purchase or outsourced services)

  • Advice on application of TUPE. Where in dispute, identify information required to provide clarity and seek to reach an understanding between the parties.
  • Where application of TUPE not disputed, provide input in drafting and advice on negotiating commercial terms. Supporting due diligence process.
  • Guidance on HR aspects of a TUPE transfer, including consultation meetings, drafting letters and overall, ensuring a smooth transfer from an employee relations point of view.

Re-structures and redundancy

  • Identify the final objective, areas of risk to be considered, issues that might arise in the process. Agree best strategy.
  • Guidance on reasoning and communication of business proposal and implementation of procedure to achieve your objective, including the consultation process and steps involved.
  • Guidance on how to manage meetings, drafting letters/emails and ongoing support to address issues as they arise.

Equality and diversity

  • Identify the issues - why they have arisen and what needs to be resolved. Identify any potential exposure for the business – financial, employee relations or reputational.
  • Agree a strategy to address the wide-ranging issues that pose risk and may impact positive employee relations.
  • Guidance on implementing agreed strategy, whether this is on an employee level - managing meetings, drafting letters/emails and ongoing support – or business wide.

Restraint of trade/restrictive covenants

  • Advice on consultation and implementing changes and ongoing support to work most effectively with trade unions/works councils.
  • Identify objective – e.g., is it to protect the business in future, defend against pending damage from a departing employee or assess the enforceability of restrictions?
  • Advice on the steps required to achieve the appropriate relationships.

Trade union relationships and works councils

  • Advice on consultation and implementing changes and ongoing support to work most effectively with trade unions/works councils.
  • What exactly is the relationship with the union/staff? Supportive or confrontational and where does the balance lie? Identify the objective.
  • Clarify legal requirements. Advice on the steps required to achieve the appropriate relationships.

Pre-termination settlement discussions and settlement agreements for employers

  • Identify key issues and objectives (smooth exit, swift conclusion, or cooperation required).
  • Advice on the strategy for managing the discussions and negotiating the terms.
  • Support through the discussions. Drafting and negotiating the agreement.

Negotiating settlement agreements for employees

  • Identify the relevant legal issues from circumstances leading to receipt of settlement agreement. Identify key objectives (smooth exit, swift conclusion, maximise package).
  • Provide clarity on effect of agreement and its specific terms.
  • Where necessary, engage in negotiations with employer to tighten up wording or overall improve package.


  • Interactive training sessions, provided by us alone, or in conjunction with others. Delivery of training tailored to your preferences.
  • Identify the objective: improve skills, reduce risk for the business or find ways to minimise legal spend on employment law advice?
  • Legal updates for HR specialists, practical training for managers or focussed sessions on addressing specific employment issues within your business?