Challenges within the Further Education sector

Having worked with FE colleges nationally for over 20 years, we have become familiar with the huge strengths of this sector and also its particular challenges.

FE colleges face the difficult balance of managing their growing independence and need to operate commercially, while remaining public sector organisations and education providers. Add to this the changing political climate, enhanced public sector duties as well as the values of education, and the challenges for management are considerable.

20 years of solutions focussed advice, whilst keeping the best interests of the College in mind. Emma’s expertise and deep understanding of the FE sector makes Ramsay Paterson my first choice for employment law advice.

Richard Atkins, Principal, Exeter College  (

How can we help?

Having worked closely with College managers, we understand the personalities involved, the working environment, and the myriad of different employment structures used. With this insight we are able to help leadership teams manage expectations, drive up performance to ensure best use of public funds and maximise the student experience, while safeguarding the vulnerable.

Emma Ramsay’s experience as a clerk to governors in the early 1990s has given her an invaluable understanding of the workings of the College system. This includes an appreciation of the crucial relationships between governors, senior post holders and the HR team. These relationships have to be carefully managed throughout any process.

Emma is a regular delegate at the Association of Colleges annual conference and an invited speaker at its regional HR network meetings and the Annual Employment Law Conference in London.

If you are involved in the sector and would like to discuss your challenges with us (or just share sector experiences), please get in touch.

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