Is your HR team ready for GDPR? If not, we may be able to help…

Preparing for the new regime

It’s now just over a month until the new data protection legislation, GDPR, comes into force…25 May 2018.

We’re aware that many of the organisations we deal with have taken steps to prepare for GDPR in terms of how they process third party data for business purposes generally. But is your HR team ready for the impact of GDPR on the data of employees and other individuals who work for the organisation (including freelancers, consultants etc)?

We understand that trying to get ready for GDPR can be rather daunting in a busy day. So we have prepared a checklist, specifically for HR teams, covering what they need to do.  If you would like a copy of that (free of charge), please email us here.

Privacy Notices: 1) for those already working for you 2) for candidates  

As part of preparing for GDPR as an employer, you’ll need to prepare and refer anyone working for you to a Privacy Notice.  This will apply not only to employees, but anyone else working for you such as consultants and interns. You will probably need two Privacy Notices: one for those who are already working with you and a shorter one for candidates.

We also recommend that you review the data protection wording in your contracts, as relying on blanket consent will no longer be appropriate.

If you haven’t yet got your employer Privacy Notice in place, we can help. We have prepared two template Privacy Notices for employers to use:  one for those already working for you and one for candidates.  These could easily be adapted for your use, once you have carried out your audit.

We are offering both Privacy Notice templates for a total of £150 plus VAT.

We believe that the template should simplify what you need to do, but if you need additional support tailoring it to your particular organisation, and/or reviewing your contract clauses, we would be happy to provide that under a separate arrangement.

If you’re interested in the template and/or additional support, please get in touch by email.

Our comment

We realise that some of our HR contacts are feeling quite daunted by the pending impact of GDPR on HR. With that in mind we thought we’d offer some practical help with getting prepared.